Time to get serious – 99 minutes worth.

I would like to say today is D-Day but I feel like that would take the importance out of the actual D-Day. So instead, I’ll say today is 99 minute day. 
You know the one where that guy challenged me to another 99 minutes on the stairmaster? CRAZY GUY.
Back on July 9th, Tony, the Anti-Jared invited me to the StairMaster Challenge. Nuts. He is nuts. Yet 99 minutes later, I finished. My mom came with. She moaned at the end “ooohhh…..I’d rather give birth!”
He’s back.

I challenge you to go 99 minutes on the StairMaster on Tuesday April 20th.

  aaarrrrgggg…..he’s at it again! But wait, there is more! Tony added…
I also have another challenge. I challenge both of us to get 200 people to work out for over 60 minutes on April 20th. Any workout will do. At home, gym, raking leaves, dancing, etc.
The good news? Ya’ll got my back! 
Over 220+ people agreed to do 60
minutes of some sort of activity today with us.
Today is Tuesday, April 20th
 Are you ready?

(yep, today is the day. Do your 60 minutes of activity people!)
Are you done: Leave a comment saying how long you worked out (60 minutes is plenty) and what you did. If your brave, email me your sweatiness picture (jen@priorfatgirl.com) and I’ll post it on the blog. (If you want to submit anonymously, just mention it in the email and I won’t include your name.)
I’ll be back tomorrow with a full (and sweaty) 
recap along with some serious photos!

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