10+3 Action Plan

There ya have it – the truth. I’ve gained 13lbs. Carlos and I have talked a lot about it over the past month. He doesn’t think I need to be worried so much about the scale and while I agree that the number on the scale shouldn’t dictate my mood, I do think its a good guage for other things that are really happening. I told him for me, its a slippery slope. His response? Put on your spiked shoes and get to work!

So here is my plan.

Workout 5+ Days a Week: I mentioned yesterday I have really slacked off in the activity department over the past couple of months. Being active needs to be part of my life – forever. I would like to get back into working out in the mornings before work. Working out before work did 3 things…

1. Got it out of the way & gave me my evenings free.
2. Gave me energy all day long.
3. Mentally helped me stay strong when faced with temptations.

To help me get back on track for my morning workouts, I left a message on my gym’s online community board for a workout buddy. I’m not much for having conversations at 5:30am but it would be nice to make eye contact with someone. Also, these workouts do not HAVE to be 60 minutes long or intense. If I do a 30 minute yoga video, it is okay. As long as I get up and do some sort of activity (note there will be a limit of longer than 20 minutes.)
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Food Journaling: As I thought about some of my habits from my first two years of my journey to now, my eating was a big area of concern. Sure I take pictures every now and then about some of my healthy choices…but it’s not all of the chocies I make. Some have been just too unhealthy for blog. So…back to the food journaling I go. It is harder to journal food on the weekends vs while at work so my goal will be to track food 5+ days a week.
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Cut The Diet Coke Out: I already drink a lot of water. Like 64-86 ounces most days. That’s good, I know. But…the past couple of months I have begun to drink more diet coke. There was even one day last week I didn’t drink ANY water. HORRIBLE! So, I’m going back to cutting diet coke out. I will still drink my coffee because I only have about 8-10 ounces in the morning on top of my water. Also, I have already cut back on my alcohol and drink maybe a glass or two per month so this is also not a concern.
Time Frame

Time-Frame: I don’t want this to be short-term. I want to really concentrate on these goals and learn them. So I will work on these goals from now until June.

I left the three goals general enough to be able to adjust to life situations. The whole goal here is not to stick to some rigid schedule but to incorporate a lifestyle change and healthy habits. Life happens but what counts is that I’m honest enough with myself to really push myself to maintain these goals for three months.

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Numbers On The Scale: This plan has nothing to do with numbers on the scale. While my weight is what ignited this plan, at this point in my life it is more about me being healthy. Active & eating right healthy. In my opinion, when one has being active & healthy eating figured out, a healthy weight will follow.

Mental Health: While I’m working on the above 3 goals, I will also continue to pursue working on my mental health. I am on a waiting list for a counselor  who specializes in my situation and am told this waiting list is 4-5 weeks long. I’ll keep ya’ll informed once this gets up and going.

My Reward: My reward will be taking a Friday and Monday off at the beginning of August to make it a long weekend! I give myself complete discretion as to whether or not I get this reward because I’m confident I can be honest enough with myself if I don’t do a good job.

Join Me: Many of you have expressed interest via comments, twitter, email and other methods that you’d like to join me. I would love the company! The above goals are general enough for you to make your own. Or come up with your own goals to fight for for the next three months!

Checking In: Check-in’s will be done on Monday and will include recap of previous weeks goal status.

So…whaddya think?


  1. Chandra says:

    I am really, really coming into this late in the game…but maybe someone else needs to start now too…I need to do a 10 + 5…anyone else?

  2. Great concept, congratulations and all the best!
    I will be following this blog! 🙂


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