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The 5(so-so)k

Well, I ran the 5k loop on the treadmill tonight. It wasn’t super fun, but I was proud of myself. In fact, I was so proud of myself that I called my Dad to tell him about it. Little did I know he ran a 5k last year in 29 minutes, and he’s 51. Wow. That took the wind right out of my sails. My REALLY OLD DAD totally creamed my 5k time. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is. All I know is that I need to shave at least 10 minutes off my time if I don’t want to completely humiliate myself at the Warrior Dash, which is exactly one month from tomorrow. Guess I better get my run on!

Anyway, I sure can’t wait to be thin. I might take dance lessons. I might get a bike and ride around everywhere and spend my weekends geocaching. How fun would that be? I’m going to wear skirts and dresses everyday, I know that for sure. I’m going to cut my hair and put highlights in it. I’ll wear espadrilles and high heels and get pedicures. I want to feel as girly as possible. I want a boy to ask for my number. I don’t think I have EVER had a boy ask for my number because he wanted to call me for something other than friendship. This is my year. This is my time. I can’t wait!

Hello? Is this thing on?

well ain’t that a bummer. Since last Thursday, I’ve gotten multiple emails, Facebook messages and Tweets from friends who are having problems accessing my blog. I’ve consulted multiple IT people and I really have no clue what is going on.  So I’m coming to ya’ll.
The mission: 
By accepting this mission, you agree to rack your brain in trying to figure out why certain readers cannot access the blog.
The clues:
  • Through different lenses: users are attempting to view site using Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Now you see me, now you don’t: users who are experiencing problems can see via their Google Reader but aren’t able to visit directly.
  • Skip the cookies: I’ve asked multiple readers to clean their cache & delete any cookies they have. Nada.
  • It’s all in the numbers: Readership has dropped by about 1/5. Not huge but noticeable.
How to communicate:  
Email me, twitter me, facebook me, whatev! Ya’ll know how to reach me.
Your reward:  
The first person who can figure out the problem will get a free subscription to Health Magazine for a year! 
Fine Print: 
I decide the winner. If there are multiple people who sending in the correct solution, I will randomly select one person. I may not be able to respond to everyone who sends in an idea. I’ll let you know when someone figures it out – but I have no clue what the right answer is so the only way to know will be to ask those who have emailed/twittered me to test.
And…for those who aren’t IT inclined, head over to my friend Cindy Elizabeth’s blog & enter to win your very own copy of Hungry Girl’s newest cookbook 1-2-3!
Thanks in advance for your help & idea’s!

Pretty girls, pretty things, and babies!

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!

As promised on Monday, here are a few photos from my sororities 45th anniversary dinner that I went to over the weekend…

Me & Sheena (my Little Sis)
Kristina & Me

“Family” Group Shot

Now, if you have no clue about Greek Life – the whole “family photo” thing means nothing to you, but if you do have any idea… this picture basically says, “I’m OLD!” I’m waaaay up at the top of the tree. There is only one girl above me, my Big Sis – Carri, all those other girls are my little sister’s littles and their littles and their littles and so on…. it was pretty good to see everyone. πŸ™‚ And you can’t see it, but my Big Sis, Carri, she’s pregnant and was hiding her belly. Silly girl!

Speaking of babies… This picture was taken at my friend (aka my honorary Big Sis) Jill’s baby shower… (She’s the one in the middle, along with me and our friend Ixia)

(what can we say… black is slimming!) Anyways, Jill had her baby last night! At 2 days overdue, little baby girl Hadley decided to make her appearance. She’s a big girl! 22 1/2 inches and 9lbs 2.4 oz!! I CAN NOT wait to meet her! Jill’s already called me her “auntie” – melts my heart since I know neither of my sisters are going to be having babies anytime soon! Mommy and baby are doing well. Jill just says she’s tired… I can only imagine!

Check out what I got for Jill:

(Photo courtesy of The Pretty Peacock)

Of course, the one I ordered for Jill will say Hadley along with an aquamarine gem for her March birthstone. It’s so beautiful! I cannot WAIT to give it to Jill! I’ve been eyeing these pendants from The Pretty Peacock for a loooong time now and I just love them SO MUCH! Of course, having no children of my own, the pendants aren’t so appropriate for me (yet!!! I WILL have one of these when I have babies!). As soon as I found out Jill had the baby, I made a mental note to order her one. It will take 3-4 weeks to get and I’m SO excited to see it!

I would have ordered it sooner, but Jill and Matt didn’t find out the sex of the baby, they wanted it to be a surprise, so I just had to wait to order it. I’m sure it will be worth the wait. It looks absolutely beautiful!

Do yourself a favor, check out The Pretty Peacock – you will not be disappointed. Amazingly beautiful personalized products, fair prices, AMAZING customer service. They’ve got it all. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT! πŸ™‚

So, I apologize that this post has nothing to do with weight loss, but let’s be real here… weight loss isn’t my life…. these things are my life – weight loss is just part of it! πŸ™‚ Quick update: Calories have been decent, yesterday I was just hungry, hungry, hungry and nothing seemed to satisfy me, so I ended up just going to bed. Still fighting this cold. Overall, lovin’ life. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys soon! πŸ™‚

PSA: Relax w/ Spa Week!

Oh baby, I’m so excited for that house! I will invite ya’ll over once it’s officially ours! 

Anyways, you all know I’m trying to find more ways to de-stress. And while incorporating more activity (included mucho yoga) has helped, I have been on the hunt for activities other than physical movement. When the cool people from Spa Week contacted me a couple of weeks ago with the idea to have a facial, I thought to myself, “Why not give it a try?!”

Friday, I had an appointment 
to get a facial at Zhen Reflections.

They gave me some fancy bronze slippers!

Snacks in the waiting room. 
Yep, had to try them – all.
PriorFatGirl approved!

The facial products for my
Eminence Biodynamic Facial: The 
Purest Facial on Earth 

My esthetician, Ashley and me.

Me, pre-facial.

All wrapped up and no where to go!

Ashley wanted to get up close and personal so 
she pulled out a magnify glass to examine my 
skin for blackheads. Crazy lady.

Getting Steamed.

I had multiple mask treatments. This one here 
happened to be clear but you can kind of tell
from the shininess of my skin.

Me and my post-facial face!

Facial Thoughts: I’ve never had a facial so I was a little nervous. While the blackhead extraction was a little painful the remainder of the facial was very nice. Zhen Reflections was a beautiful spa – I loved the waiting area and will definitely go back! 

Here’s where the Public Service Announcement comes in.

April 12-18 is Spa Week.

What is Spa Week you ask? 
(oohh, thanks for asking friends!)
It’s where participating spas across North 
America offer selected treatments at $50!
You read that right! You can get your own appointment for a massage, facial, body scrub, waxes, slimming wrap, pedicure, haircut, Botox, eyelash extension, Velashape, Vajazzling, and more for just $50! But you gotta hurry because Spa Week lasts well, only one week and so appointments go fast!
Hurry now and check out the spa 
directory on the left hand side of  
Spa Week’s site to find your 
nearest participating spa. 
Giveaway: Wanna win a gift package full of samples of Eminence Organic Skin Care product Ashley used on me? Your in luck – look what Zhen Reflections gave me to pass on to you:
How to Enter: Leave a comment and tell me when the last time you had your own spa treatment and what you had! If you leave a comment as anonymous, include your email address in your comment. Contest ends Thursday at 8pm CT.
Fine Print: Residents of US only. Entries must be received by Thursday at 8pm CT. Winner will be announced on Friday’s post. Spa Week Daily sent me to the spa to experience one of the $50 Spa Week treatments as part of SPA MADNESS!