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Hiya! By the time most of you are reading this, Carlos and I should be beginning our long weekend in Milwaukee. Anyone have any FABULOUS idea’s for things we should make sure to do while we are here?
I wanted to revisit the discussion on the Beck Diet: Experiment #2 because ya’ll had a lot of great comments but I felt like there was some things I wanted to bring back up. If you remember, the whole point of the experiment was to prove to myself that hungry isn’t an emergency.
Kat started the comments off early with this:

“I can appreciate you being thirsty, but would think that a 200 calorie drink is not really what the plan is aiming for. That would be what, like 2 medium apples? Could you try water for just 1 day? Good luck with it no matter what you decide.”

My response was priceless! As I read Kat’s comment I thought “eh, but if I didn’t drink those Naked Juices, I would be starving!” ding ding ding ding ding ding ding! Wasn’t that the whole point of the experiment was to allow myself to feel a little hungry, realize I don’t need to be scared of it and confirm that just because I’m hungry does NOT give me justification to eat whatever crap food is around me? Many of you reiterated Kat’s comments throughout the day – POINT TAKEN! That was a perfect way to confirm the whole point of the experiment so thank you very much for your comments!
Holly asked…

My question is…did you really take back the protein Naked drink after you already tried it? Did they take it back? I didn’t know you could do that!!

Me? Uh, yeah. I did take it back. Was that rude? I really didn’t know it was the protein that made it so chalky but when I brought it back, the lady behind the counter confirmed that’s why. She was nice enough to take switch it for a different non-protein kind though.
Norma…ah, Norma! You had so many great points! (You wrote many great points so I’m trying not to recopy anything and take it out of context here…)

So that juice…bad idea. Juice in general is a bad idea. 200 calorie DiGiorno pizza…(again, my apologies, no offense intended)…from a health standpoint? Bad idea. It’s 200 calories of extremely processed, refined, chemically altered, artificially flavored nothingness…that (for me, often, at least) leads to a cycle of craving. I remember in a much-debated post a month or so back, you and your readers talked about convenience/packaged “diet” foods vs. whole foods…and most came down in favor of frozen dinners and bagged 100-calorie junk snacks.

Your body adapts to and wants what you give it…you give it crap, it wants more crap. You give it fresh vegetables and a nice salmon filet and it wants more of that. After a year or so of eating chicken breasts and broccoli on my own, a friend told me about the Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno (who is a priorfatgirl, as am I..200 pounds two years ago, 140 lb competitive athlete today). I’m not saying it’s perfect or I’m perfect (not by far) but it only makes sense to think of food as FUEL and to make every calorie count, if that makes sense. Yeah, you have to make the effort to shop for fresh foods, prepare and cook them and pack them…but the effect it has on your metabolism, energy and, very quickly, your body — and long term, your health — is more than worth it. Just my opinions…

I agree on so many levels – but this is a process. While frozen meals & 100 calorie options may not be the best choice, they are a lot better than the dinners I ate which consisted of crackers & cheese, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Ramen Noodles, etc. It would be nice if the whole world could go back to a simpler eating concept of natural, organic, whole foods. I do what I can. 
Norma, you make a very valid point…one that you stated so clearly: “Your body adapts to and wants what you give it…you give it crap, it wants more crap. You give it fresh vegetables and a nice salmon filet and it wants more of that.” I am a lot better off in my eating than where I was pre-weight loss. Could I be better? Yep, but we all have room to grow. Thanks for your thoughts Norma, you gave me a lot to think about! (P.S., where’s your blog? You write well – start one!)
Caren said…

I don’t quite get why you would want to do this experiment. Hunger is not an emergency, that’s for sure but being hungry isn’t really required for losing weight either.

I don’t want to come off as sounding rude and I do love that you’re trying to get to the bottom of your cravings and need to eat beyond merely nutritional reasons the insight you gain is going to help you (and probably those who read about it) so much.

Again…love love love the fact that Caren made some valid points. But please know the point of this experiment is NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT. The point is to really truly understand that its okay to not reach for the candy bar or chocolate just because I think I’m hungry. The point is to allow myself to realize being hungry does not justify crappy eating – which in my personal experience is part of the reason why I got to the size I did…because the moment I would feel even just the slightest bit of hunger, I would frantically search for anything around me to devour because “I’m hungry and I might starve!”
P.S., I loved hearing your thoughts from a nutritionist’s point of view. And thanks for coming back a couple of times that day to talk with others in the comments!
So many others of you had great comments – some which made me rethink what I thought I knew, some which confirmed what I believe. The whole point of reading this Beck Diet book is to use it as a tool to analyze how I think of food, what role food plays in my life and to consider alternative ways of thinking. For me, The Beck Diet book is not a diet – it is allowing me to question how I think of food. I am at a “healthy” weight. I may have a few vanity pounds I’d like to lose but in no way do I need to be on a diet. None of us should. This is not about eat this, eat this, eat this. It’s about why why why why why.
Long weekend
Alright – I better hit publish on this post because Carlos is ready to go! I hope to get 2 workouts in (today and tomorrow) to put me at 5 days of activity this week. And…I want to really concentrate on not falling into the thinking of
I’m on vacation, I can eat
healthy when I get back.
I can’t wait to share all the pictures of this weekend with you! Stay tuned & stay healthy this weekend okay? Remember, being healthy is 24/7 and does not take weekends!
Special Kudo’s to…
Kyle who is fighting the good fight and has dropped
below 200 for the first time since 2004! 

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