PriorFatGirl Exposed

Someone I trusted emailed me and asked me to take a picture of me EXPOSED and put it on the blog.

I truly thought she had lost it.

She linked to a post where she had in fact exposed herself. And she linked to other women who had done it too! I ignored the email and pretended not to see it, never bringing it up in future conversations.

Like the blog stalker I am, I clicked multiple times on that original message, in awe at the fact that so many women were standing up to all of society to say


And now, here I was being challenged to expose myself.

I struggled with putting up a picture of myself clothes-less on the blog. I am proud of how far I’ve come but what about all the imperfections that I attempt to hide with clothes?

And I struggle with the fact that 2 years ago, I wouldn’t even have the courage to look in the mirror at myself let alone take a picture of it. And given a chance to see someone else who weighed any significant amount less them me standing there EXPOSED would further confirm all the insecurities I had about myself.

But last night I realized something. This challenge is not about what is actually in the picture. No, it is not about what others think I look like in the picture. It is the concept behind what the picture stands for. It stands for…

  • allowing myself to be vulnerable.
  • acknowledging that my body, has helped me to accomplish so much.
  • being proud of my body, imperfections and all.
  • proving to the world, I will not hide behind my clothes.

So now, as I join the ranks of all those women before me who, at whatever size, exposed themselves, I am allowing myself to be EXPOSED.

Are you ready to expose yourself? Even if you don’t do it publicly via a blog, take time to stand in front of a mirror and look at your body and recognize what it helps you do!

And, leave a comment telling about why you love your body.


  1. You look great. A tiny litte waist. I think you have done a great job. Showing this to us is very brave. You Go Girl!!! You are a inspiration to us all.

  2. you are officially a rock star of awesomeness. and how sad is it that the first thing i think is “Damn I suck at shaving.”


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