PriorFatGirl E-Cookbook 2009

The time has come…

A collection of healthy recipes from the friends of PriorFatGirl! Over 50 recipes were submitted…

they are typed up…
nutritional information has been analyzed…
layout has been finalized…



Are you ready to buy the official
PriorFatGirl E-Cookbook 2009?

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Additional Copies: If you are ordering additional copies for friends or family, update the quantity on the order form and include their email addresses in the notes section of your payment–I will also send them their official PriorFatGirl E-Cookbook 2009.

Acknowledgments: A special thank you goes out to MizfitOnline who’s MizFit Moments scattered throughout the cookbook encourage us all add a little extra activity into our busy life. Also to Lindsay from Lindsay: Under Construction, thank you for helping with the cookbook.


Questions: I will attempt to answer all questions as quickly as possible. Questions or concerns can be directed to


Thank you all for your support
and encouragement to be healthy,
one decision at a time!


  1. I am looking for help in staying on a diet and lose weight

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