Motivational Match-up

I am 100% confident that each of you have helped me over the past couple of years because whether you know it or not, you have helped me be accountable to what I’m fighting for. There is no trick to losing weight, no secret I can share with you to explain how I did it other then the “accountability” factor (mostly to myself) and the importance of community.

On August 6th, just 6 days after my moms accident, I wrote about community (full post here). I was rereading that post the other day and something I wrote stuck out at me:

If there is anything I can tell you about how I lost my weight, it was by relying on community. When I was feeling stressed or ready to give up, so many of you instinctly rallied around me. When I shared a victory, you were right there to celebrate with me. That truly is how we continue through life. By supporting each other, by rallying around each other – good or bad. If there is anything I can tell you about how I have made it these past few days, it is by relying on community. We need to do that more.

I mentioned the other week that I was gonna jump on Ebay and get me some serious protective gear to help get me through the holidays, so I don’t come out on the other side 20lbs heavier. I am completely aware that stress is gonna run high and food will attempt to be my comfort. But if I have my way, food will not be my reason to live. I need a partner. An accountability partner. A motivational match-up!

Friends, you wanna do this with me? Are you in need of a motivational match-up? Well I have supercalafragilistic news!

MizFit and I are partnering to match you up with someone, somewhere in the world to be your motivational accountability.

What does this mean you ask? That’s the best part – cuz it’s up to you & your partner! We give you a name & an email address and you define the rest! Be it a text, email, phone call, whatever!

Someone to check in on how things are going.
Someone to poke you when you need a poke.
Someone to pat you on the back.
Someone to give you a reality check.
Someone to send you a impromptu smile.
Someone to be part of your accountability.
Someone who gets what your going through.

If your game, send us an email to with “Count Me In!” as the subject. MizFit and I will match you with a new friend, easy as pie!

Your deadline? Let us know if your on board by Sunday, November 8th. We’ll introduce you to your motivational partner soon after!

AND…tomorrow is the last day to enter the Kay’s Natural giveaway. Winner announced on Wednesday!


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