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One month ago, a book was published. I was sent two copies. One from me, one for you. Hesitant I was, because any book any book that declares it is “the simple, sign-posted route to achieving that goal” must be making some outrageous statements and can’t possibly back it up – but it did.

I was hesitant to share a self-help book with ya’ll but this one takes the cake – or helps you put it down actually. It’s easy to read, helps you pick your battles, is practical and fun. It breaks this whole “healthiness” journey down in bite sized chunks, pun totally intended.

Lemme share a few of my favorite parts of the book:

  • “It’s about tips and cheats, small things that collectively will make a big difference.”
  • “It’s a veritable smorgasbord of advice, and introducing even half of them into your every day (yes, your everyday life- this is no 2-week quick-fix, but rather a life-changing, never-going-back Thelma-and-Louise sort of book) will make all the difference in the world.
  • #13 “Omit nothing, forbid nothing: Life is not an endurance test, so don’t set yourself ridiculous targets. You will fail. Take your time and you will win, Grasshopper.”
  • #17 “Play straight-Eliminate illicit food stashes: I’m talking about the Hershey’s bar in the fridge, the cookies stashed in the bottom desk drawer, the gummi bears in the glove compartment. De-cashe. De-stash. Pretzels under the bed? Bite-sized Snickers in your pocket? Stop hoarding food for future use.”
  • #46 “Beware of-and stop kidding yourself about-vanity sizing: It is possible that, many moons ago, the world’s clothing manufactures got together for a PowerPoint presentation called “How to Keep Your Customer Satisfied.” And right there at the top of the lsit, in big neon capital letters, was this simple directive: LIE.”
  • #59 “Never be hungover or stoned: these are the fastest routs to fast-food joints and the fridge.”
  • #81 “Get busy: It not only burns calories, builds muscle mass and raises your base metabolic rate, it will also keep you out of the fridge.

And…my favorite part of the book, is the quick “for dummies” sections and “best of…” type lists scattered through-out the book that inject quick witted humor

  • “Your guide to bra brilliance”
  • “How not to eat: You know you’re not engaging when…”
  • “Sluuurp! How to eat soup in polite company”
  • “Cake fear: Learn to loathe the one you love”

This book isn’t a diet book. It isn’t a self-help at all. It’s actually a step by step tutorial on how we can continue to take our healthiness journey, one step at at time.


You, you lucky reader, can enter to win your very own copy of 101 Things To Do Before You Diet!

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Good luck!

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