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Hi friends, how was your weekend? Were you able to stay healthy? I didn’t. Nope, not even gonna lie. Didn’t work out, didn’t eat healthy, I just was. BUT…I did get a lot of things on my “to-do” list that I haven’t done since July so I consider it a productive weekend.

Weekend Recap
I don’t even think I gave myself any downtime this weekend. Friday night, I hung out with family at my parents house. Saturday I woke up and got my hair cut and ran errands for 4 hours. I stopped at my niece’s soccer game and then ran a couple more errands. I finished just in time to head back to my parents house for dinner!

Sunday, I woke up and did some super deep cleaning around the house until lunch and then went back over to my parents house. We went to a local church’s corn festival. I got home just in time to get Monday lunches ready, do laundry and finish picking up around the house. By 9:30pm, this is what I looked like
HAHA, isn’t that a cute picture? It’s actually my niece, Kayla – we totally wore her out at the festival and she fell asleep exactly like that in my sister’s arm.

I had a revelation this weekend. Something that I just now noticed about my eating/blogging habits the past couple of weeks. I owe myself about $120 because I totally did a psychology session on myself 🙂

I had some great time to reflect on Saturday while I was running errands and a light bulb went off and I realized something that I was doing. I want to get into the giveaway now but I will dedicate tomorrow’s entire post to this revelation. It will be me being honest. Sharing something I’m not super proud of, but this blog is dedicated to me learning about myself so tomorrow, I will share my latest learnings.

The EatingWell Diet & Cookbook. This is a repeat giveaway. I had originally offered this giveaway about a month ago, but the winner never contacted me so it’s up for grabs again! (Click here for additional recipe, more pictures and original post).

Frankly guys, I cook with the microwave. Pretty much all I know how to do. But, I have to say, I’m 100,000% impressed with this book!
From the website:

Let me guess—you’ve tried them all: the grapefruit diet, the grapefruit juice diet, the grapefruit pill diet. Even as myriad new weight-loss schemes appear, most of us already know the verdict: diets don’t work. In the vast majority of cases, people drop out of the diet within weeks and regain the weight. A significant percentage rebound from a diet to gain even more weight than they started with. You are probably suspicious of the word “diet,” and I don’t blame you.

Our focus is on behavior change—permanent behavior change. It’s only through a systematic shaping of everyday common behaviors that you will be able to break old habits and learn new ones

Chicken in a Creamy Chive Sauce
I couldn’t wait to make this dinner. The “what dinner is suppose to look like” picture looked amazing! I did however alter the recipe. The recipe called for chives which both Carlos and I are not fans of. I do however love me some capers and since they are kind of the same color as chives (they are both green, right?) I figured, eh, why not?!

Stats per serving (makes 4 servings): 248 calories, 9 grams fat, 9 grams carbs, 25 grams protein. 35 minutes prep & cooking time.


Me, modeling an adorable apron from Jesse Steele Aprons
The way it’s suppose to look:

The way it really looked:

Verdict: This was one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever made and it was SO YUMMY! I loved the capers and the creamy sauce. I am totally adding this to the rotation of 3 recipes I know how to make for dinner! (Click here for additional recipe, more pictures and original post)

Enter to win:

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite healthy cookbook
  • Add me to your facebook or twitter:
  • Update your twitter or facebook status linking back to this contest
  • Include this link in your next blog update
That’s 4 ways to enter, 4 ways to win! For each one you do, you must say so in the comments. Winner will be announced on Friday morning’s post. Open to everyone, any country, any continent.


  1. oh wow this recipe looks prety easy and yummy i love capers i will definitelly try. thank you veyr much for sharing..ill have alook at your reflexions…

  2. This recipe looks comforting and amazing! Love it and can’t wait to make it. Thank you.

  3. I made it just like God intended – (Love chives – hate capers….) It was excellent. Thanks for the recipe

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