Bittersweet MizFit Post

Very impressed with all ya’ll who stepped up to the plate and decided to challenge yourself! I know maybe drinking only water may be too much for some of you, that’s fine. The most important part is that we all continue to figure out ways to stretch ourselves, to push ourselves beyond what we think we can do. To each their own – make this your own challenge, customize it, just do something to challenge yourself!

One note before we talk about MizFit, did you see the part of the post from yesterday about winning a years subscription to Health Magazine? No joke, click here to enter & win!

Beginning of a post
I’ve done okay for the past couple of days but kind of struggling mentally. Food wise I am okay. Got my water intake, no coffee or soda, but just feel blah. I’m still smiling, still in a good mood. I have gotten activity in over the past couple of days but still just struggle with having to eat healthy forever. I haven’t yet figured out or gotten to the point where I’m eating 100% healthy because it makes me feel good vs eating 100% healthy because its what I’m suppose to do. Does that make sense?

I really want to get to MizFit so I’m going to table this topic but will expand on it tomorrow ok?

Bittersweet MizFit Post
Well, this is the last installment of Q&A w/ MizFit. PUHLEASEEEEEEEEEE save MizFit’s blog in your list of must reads. She really does give inspiring practical idea’s posts & idea’s – you’ll be glad you did!

For the last question, MizFit went above and beyond & did a video post. How cool is that?!

So…what are your thougths? Where where are you going to start? How do you, in the midst of a gazillion opinions, figure out what what healthiness means to you?

I’ll be reading you in your comments!

Love ya’ll!

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