Wknd Recap & Monday Contest

Hi everyone! We are back from Milwaukee and had a blast!

Milwaukee Round-up

When we got to Milwaukee, we went to a Serbian Restaurant called Elijah’s. This is Carlos FAVORITE restaurant when he lived there and claims he ate there at least once a week, if not twice a week. Because of he had gone there so much, he became friends with the owners.

I ordered the Lamb Shank

Carlos ordered the Sarma

Now…about a month ago, Carlos went to Milwaukee and I made him bring Sarma back for me, because he always talks about it. It was fine – but didn’t really excite me. It is a mixture of meats and rice all wrapped up in a cabbage roll and cooked for 4-5 hours. It is normally served with potato’s or pasta.

He ordered this again at the restaurant and I tried a bite and then made him switch plates with me because it was WWWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better eating it at the restaurant instead of as a leftover.

I had 3 glasses of white wine with dinner. We had dinner with a Eno and Andy, who are so awesome. After dinner, we went to a night club to have another drink. After awhile, Eno and Andy decided to leave. Carlos showed me a couple more bars and I continued to drink…maybe a little too much.

aaawww……I love you Carlos!!

I’m not quite sure why, but after a night of drinking, some people (ie: Carlos and I) feel the need to stop and eat on the way home. We went to a random place next to one of the bars. Carlos got buffalo wings and I got a Gyro. I only ate the meat & tomato from it though…and even way TIPSY I can stop and take a picture of my food!

Unfortunately, my phone was scrunched at the bottom of my purse. At one point, I must have pushed the phone because I called my mom at 1:30am. EEEKKK…sorry mom!

I woke up Saturday and told myself “I’M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN!!!”

For brunch on Saturday, we met Eno and another friend, Jim. I ordered some fruit and a crab cake

For dinner, we met a great group of friends at a restaurant called Campasuchi’s which is Mexican restaurant. If you remember, I love me some chips & salsa so I made sure to get my fair share. I did order some tortilla soup and a soft shell taco too.

After dinner, we went to Jim & Nikki’s house. Jim & Nikki are getting married soon and they have been taking dance lessons – they showed us what they were learning.

Peter showed us his dance moves too – here he is doing the worm…if you look carefully, you can see Peter on the floor, his legs are up in the air behind the dog (and the dog is wondering what the heck is going on).

Here is the group of us!

Carlos then brought me back to the hotel and he went back out for the PARTAY!

Sunday morning, we woke up and went out for breakfast to a place called Hi-Fi Café. There were so many things on the menu, I didn’t know what to choose. I asked the server what she had for breakfast and she said it wasn’t on the menu. I said “oh, what was it?”

She told me it was an English muffin & egg & tomato with spinach & cream cheese breakfast sandwich. I said “Yep, that sounds great. I’ll have that”

Coffee refills were 50 cents – I prepared myself. We stopped at a couple of more people’s houses and then made the 5 hour trip back home. I already can’t wait to go back and hang out with everyone. They were all so nice and we had a great trip!


I have been thinking about trying to come up with some sayings for logo’d items for priorfatgirl.com. A catchy phrase to put next to the logo on a water bottle. Or a funny saying on the front of a shirt & the logo on the back.

SSOOO…I need you to get your creative juices flowin’ ok? So whaddya got for me? Two winners will receive the Hungry-Girl’s newest book…200 Recipes under 200 Calories

Here is how to enter:

Open to anyone and everyone in the whole flippin’ world!!! Winner announced Friday. 4 ways to enter, so do all 4 to increase your chances!

Exciting News

Last week, AOL Health emailed me – they are doing a special on people who have used online resources (ie: twitter & blogging) to help lose weight and guess what? I’M ONE OF THEM!

Holy crapola! WAY COOL! I’m not sure the extent of how I will be featured though – the lady said the special will go live on their website Wednesday at 8pm so check in on Thursday and I’ll link to it.

I’ll be back tomorrow, as always! Have a good rest of the day!

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