Driving Naked

Tuesday. Already.

I was going to tell you all about my latest cooking attempts because it’s been quite an adventure at our house lately but that is postponed. I was going to tell you about our weekend in Mankato, but it too has been postponed. For I think you may, in some sort of psycho way, be entertained by my Monday happenings.

Remember how yesterday I mentioned I wasted an entire training session? I set my alarm for 5am to get some cardio in before my 6am appointment. Well…I must have woke up at 5am and just turned the alarm off – because at 7am I woke up and Carlos was in the shower and I was still cozied up in bed. Fine, I just went to work

Around 10am, I called the gym to see if there were ANY trainer appointments that evening and there just so happened to be a 5pm free w/ Eric. Now normally I work until 5, but this was my chance to redeem myself. So I took it.

I am proud to say I did my company good today. I always do, but especially today – I totally cranked out some massive amounts of work. Yep. I was a good employee. Good job Jennifer! Anyways, at 4:40, I looked up and realized what time it was. I was 30 seconds away from wasting another session and probably annoying the HEDOUBLEHOCKEYSTICKS out of Eric!

I quickly aborted all programs I was in and yanked my laptop out of the docking station. I grabbed my jacket and without putting it on, ran out to my car. As I got on the road, I looked at the clock. 4:48. Yep, it was time to face the music.

I was not going to make it – well, i was gonna get there, right at 5, go to the locker room, change and probably start my session with Eric at 5:15. great. just great. I would get a 1/2 session in. SUCKY!!!!! So I started thinking about how I could cut down on my timing…

And I thought, well, I’ve heard of people changing in their cars before.
Please don’t shake your head at me. Please stop laughing at me. Please, please tell me you did not see my flesh. Oh dear lord, I cannot believe I did that.

Do you know how hard it is to put a sports bra on while driving? Do you know the difficulties I experienced taking my pants off? I’m pretty sure I just broke the law – crap, I hope there are no police officers reading this. OMG, please stop visualizing – this post is SO DONE!

I’m out.

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