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Weigh In Week 41

We got to DC last night at 3am, in bed by 3:30am. I was up at 6:30am to head to the airport after a skype interview back to MN talking about the rocket explosion.

I got back home at 2pm and headed to work. Home at 8:45pm and stayed with E1 until he fell asleep. In all that I managed to hop on the scale at my sister’s place

-1.9 Pounds
84.1 lbs lost to date

Pleased for a loss but more pleased to be home safely and that no one was hurt in the explosion. The more time passes the more I realize how scary it was to see something like that first hand. If I close my eyes I see this in my head.

(Photo from my sister)

I’ll have more to say about this but for now sleep is the most important next step. So I am going to kiss the kids once more and sleep, hopefully until morning.

Rocket Science

Hello from Virginia!

I flew out here on Sunday afternoon – as soon as I could get away from church – to head to the NASA Wallops facility on the coast.  I was invited to their @NasaSocial event for their Antares Rocket launch which is taking Cygnus up to the International Space Station with supplies.  It was supposed to take off yesterday evening but got scrubbed at the last minute because of a wayward sailboat.  It was disappointing but I am very glad that I had my return flight set for Wednesday so instead of taking a day in DC with my sister I am still out here on the coast.

The launch is in an hour and so far there are no boats in sight.

Yesterday was still fun – we saw the control room for this mission.


We spent time in the visitor center, got some science briefings and learned about the student experiments headed on on the rocket as well.


Here is the remaining group of us at today’s launch.  So far so good.


Because of the travel I am going to weigh in tomorrow at my sister’s place – I should be back in town by early afternoon but I really don’t want to do a weigh in after two flights across country.  It hasn’t been too bad a week — I didn’t do great at book club but while I’ve been traveling I have been diligent about tracking and making good choices – even though the schedule keeps changing and I am eating out for every meal.

There is something empowering about being able to stay in control while traveling.  I think I get overwhelmed by options some times, but in the end this is NOT rocket science – it takes a lot more than a sailboat to get me off track.   In our unplanned day today my sister and I went to a nearby wildlife refuge and got in a two mile walk.  There are things we can control even when things don’t go as planned.

While I don’t know what I’ll see on the scale tomorrow I am going to take comfort in the fact that I stayed committed in the wake of shifting plans and traveling food choices.  In the end that is what I can do – the scale will respond how it can.  It may be the travel will lead to some swelling so I won’t see a loss until next week or maybe it will show my hard work.

Either way, I know that I did my best and that is what is important.

Flu Shot

I am going to take a break from the regular blog to get on a soap box today:

Go get your flu shot!

(Unless you have an important health reason that you cannot).

I’ve watched the fear over ebola over the last weeks and I know that it is scaring a lot of people, but the reality is that the flu is vastly more deadly and risky to people, especially in America, than ebola will be.   I feel a lot of people doubt the flu shots effectiveness since it is the CDC’s best guess at the strains for the year, however, the flu shot stands to save many lives.  And even if you DO get the flu it is likely to be a milder version.

E1 has asthma and the flu could be very dangerous for him and others like him.  Infants under 6 months of age cannot get the flu shot so are also at risk.  The elderly is another crucial group.  When you get a flu shot not only do you protect yourself but you protect others since you are less likely to pass it on to another person.  I know people who say “I never get the flu” but I find that thinking troublesome.  I have never gotten the measles, but I sure to have a vaccine to help others stay safe as well.

And remember, the flu is a very specific strain of virus – not every stomach bug, cold, aches, or fever is the flu.  I had the real flu once in Seminary and I missed 10 days of classes.  It was horrible.  I have gotten the shot every year since and I have not gotten it since.

Even if you are willing to take the risk that you are healthy enough to weather the flu if you get it, please think about the more vulnerable and get a flu shot anyway.

Please and Thank you.

*steps down from soap box*

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.