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Through the ups and downs of life, the scale, and emotions, we share our stories as a form of therapy for us, and as a way to help remove stigmas associated with trying to live up to social expectations of being perfect. We will not ever promise to be perfect, but we will promise to share candidly our journeys of learning how to be healthy in an unhealthy world, sugar coating not included.


Weigh In Week 45

I sort of love the fact that today (Wednesday) was my weigh in day, because it means I have more time to bounce back if Thanksgiving doesn’t go well.  I am planning on tracking and have a host of ideas on how to get through the day within my points (plus weeklies).  All in all, I think I will be able to manage this.

I am more confident because I had a strong week.  I earned a few activity points, I used my weeklies, but didn’t go over those.  I enjoyed myself, had a few treats and lots of veggies.  I didn’t drink enough water.  That is a real challenge for me lately as I am more and more looking to coffee (or tea) to keep me going with E2 still struggling for a good nights sleep (She has an ear infection now, and a lingering cold).  I need to up the water intact, which I will try to work on while off for a few days.

Still, it was a good week.

-5.0 Pounds

95.6 lbs Lost on WW to Date

It is fun to be so close to 100 lbs on Weight Watchers.  Before I got pregnant with E2 I was plateaued and had gained a few lbs back so I was hovering between 70-75lbs lost.  There is still a ways to go, but it is really amazing to be here so far.  I really hope to make it to 100lbs lost before my 1 year WW-iversary.  If I stay strong through the holidays that shouldn’t be a problem.

95 lbs is tough to put into perspective, but it is 19 5lb sugar bags.  I am tempted to go put 19 bags of sugar in a cart just to see it all in one place.

ww week 45I am going to try to be better about showing full body pictures.  Some days it is really easy for me to see, today I couldn’t tell quite so much, despite the loss.  But progress is progress and I know that my own perspective on my looks is not always accurate.

IMG_4316.JPG By now it is past Midnight and officially Thanksgiving.  So I am wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Make good choices, but more importantly enjoy your family and friends.  There is so much to be thankful for.



Dos and Don’ts at Thanksgiving – The Weight Edition

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday.  It is universal and not attached to a religion so it is something that most of the country celebrates together.  It is about fostering gratitude for the blessings in our lives.  All good things.

But, it is still a time spent with family and friends and it is a time of excess food as well.  For the person who struggles with food issues it can be a stressful situation.  So here are a few tips on how to be a supportive family member this holiday season for the people you love.

  • Do compliment your family member and express pleasure that they’ve joined you for the meal.
  • Don’t make a snide comment about their food intake or weight.  If you have health concerns about a family member’s weight/health, a rich meal is not the time to bring it up
  • Do let a guest bring substitutions or contribute items to the meal – Are they vegetarian?  Ask them to bring their own favorite dish to share.  Then they know there will be options suitable for them.
  • Do feel free to make healthier substitutions in your recipes.  Don’t feel the need to broadcast unless asked.
  • Do have a variety of appetizers, including healthy options like vegetables or fruit. Don’t police their eating for them.  There is no need for you to track how much they are eating.
  • If you set out place cards, do give a chair without arms to an overweight family member.  They may not notice the gesture but they will be more comfortable.  Likewise, consider putting them on the end of a table so they can not feel like they are encroaching on personal space.
  • Don’t be a food pusher.  No, a guest doesn’t need to try everything, they don’t need to have seconds if they don’t want it, they can say no to dessert or wine or gravy.  Let people make their own food choices.  Don’t foist on them the family traditional casserole through guilt.  If they want some they will take it on their own.
  • Do let them stop when they are full.
  • Do provide recipes for people looking to figure out calories or points.  It isn’t a judgement of your cooking but an attempt to stay in control.
  • Do remember that Thanksgiving is about family first and to enjoy your time together.  Don’t let food get in the way.  The people you invite are blessings in your life, treat them accordingly.

Thanksgiving is a lot of pressure if you are overweight or trying to lose weight.  Some people will choose to eat and enjoy for the day, others will try to stay to a strict plan, and still others will attempt a plan only to end up eating more than anticipated.  Don’t add to the stress that a big holiday meal provides by giving judgements to their choices.  Love them and be grateful for their presence in your life.




Cry it out

E2 has been having rough sleep for like two months now.  I am currently trying a variant of cry it out with her.  I don’t let her get too upset, but I am giving her a chance to self-soothe first and try to get back to bed.  If she gets too worked up I head in there, calm her down, lay her back in the crib and leave.

It is brutal.  But she also needs to know that Mom and Dad are not private mattresses for bedtime snuggles.  We need sleep to function, and she does too.  I still feel awful for it though.

(I just keep repeating that she is safe and fine)

Shhhh, she is quiet right now.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

(Just long enough to type that sentence)

Because I compare all the facets of my life to weight loss I am thinking about how we as people become dependent on other things to make us feel better.  Right now E2 is dependent on snuggles to fall into a deep sleep and being put down causes her to wake up.  We have to try to break the cycle so that she can find new ways to be comforted.  Snuggles are still allowed, but they cannot remain the only thing that helps her.

But the shake up is so hard to find new ways to find comfort while still being understandable dependent on mom and dad as your main source of comfort.

Food is the same way for me.  I cannot just quit food, it is still a necessary source of energy and required for life.  Food also does provide comfort.  There is no denying it.  Every meal for me carries with it a sense of comfort.  Honestly, every time I eat.

So I’ve had to shake things up – track my food, manage portions, limit sweets and fried foods, exercise.  The shake up can take a long time to find new ways of comforting yourself beyond food.   Some days, especially when sick or in pain, the desire for the “old faithful” form of comfort seems overwhelming.   (Aside: I realize that food as a source of comfort is really not true since it ultimately leads to more food issues and weight shame for me.  However, it feels like it is comforting and as long as my brain feels it, it can be a hard instinct to rewire)

And sometimes you give in and have to start over with relearning new means of finding comfort.  And sometimes you manage to overcome the pull and stay strong.

I hate cry it out, it seems so cruel to me, and yet, I recognize the need for a shake up if E2 will recover some good sleeping habits (through the night in her crib, like she had for months 4-10).

It is a shake up for her and for me, but a needed one.  Starting on the path to being healthy required a shake up too.  They are never fun.  There are tantrums and false starts, but you have to keep to it and stay strong.  Because over time there are changes that are made.  (100+lb changes in my case).

I am far from perfect.  I still find comfort in food, but it is no longer my MAIN source of comfort.  It is my main source of fuel, but I find comfort in a variety of places.  Food may never stop being “old faithful” but it isn’t a go-to most of the time.

I hope that all made sense to the non-sleep-deprived out there.

Look at that, the baby is asleep.  I better go too until I have to start this cycle over again tonight.  Hopefully she’ll sleep more than 10-15 min right now.