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Flu Shot

I am going to take a break from the regular blog to get on a soap box today:

Go get your flu shot!

(Unless you have an important health reason that you cannot).

I’ve watched the fear over ebola over the last weeks and I know that it is scaring a lot of people, but the reality is that the flu is vastly more deadly and risky to people, especially in America, than ebola will be.   I feel a lot of people doubt the flu shots effectiveness since it is the CDC’s best guess at the strains for the year, however, the flu shot stands to save many lives.  And even if you DO get the flu it is likely to be a milder version.

E1 has asthma and the flu could be very dangerous for him and others like him.  Infants under 6 months of age cannot get the flu shot so are also at risk.  The elderly is another crucial group.  When you get a flu shot not only do you protect yourself but you protect others since you are less likely to pass it on to another person.  I know people who say “I never get the flu” but I find that thinking troublesome.  I have never gotten the measles, but I sure to have a vaccine to help others stay safe as well.

And remember, the flu is a very specific strain of virus – not every stomach bug, cold, aches, or fever is the flu.  I had the real flu once in Seminary and I missed 10 days of classes.  It was horrible.  I have gotten the shot every year since and I have not gotten it since.

Even if you are willing to take the risk that you are healthy enough to weather the flu if you get it, please think about the more vulnerable and get a flu shot anyway.

Please and Thank you.

*steps down from soap box*

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Weigh In Week 40

There is some amazing conversation and insight in the comments of yesterday’s post on 80/20.  Check it out and join the conversation if you can.

I am going to keep this short and sweet as it is 11pm and the first time I’ve had to write this all day.  Not to mention I still need to do my PT exercises and pump before bed.  (assuming E2 stays asleep, but we did ok last night so I am hoping she will be kind to me).

As expected, I had a gain this week – an medium gain for a medium slip up.  I didn’t lose control but I did go over my points and knew it so I knew what to expect.  The damage:

+2.2 Pounds

-82.2 lbs lost on WW to date

I am glad that is wasn’t more and proud that I still kept things sort of reined in even as I made some not great choices.  My bad now is not as bad as my bad has been.

My weight watchers meeting was good this morning.  My leader, Liz, said something really insightful that I had to Instagram immediately.


It was a good reminder to me to keep my ultimate goals as the more important priorities.  Ultimately my slip ups this week stemmed from me failing to plan ahead and having trouble with portion control, but it is important that not ever craving and desire should be followed.

In the end it was not a bad week really.  I don’t feel like beating myself up over it, nor do I feel trapped in a sugar spiral.  I made great choices today and ended up using exactly my daily points while even earning a few activity points as my knee gets stronger.

The one thing that comes from being on week 40 is perspective.  I know that I can bounce back from gains – I have had far worse ones than this.  I know I can lose.  I know I have the capacity to make tough choices.  In this knowledge is power.

It wasn’t a great week, but there are more weeks and better weigh ins in front of me.


I heard about the 80/20 rule sometime before I got pregnant with Edith, I think I heard it at Weight watchers, but I don’t really remember.  Though the original rule is an economic theory when applied to health it is that 80% of the time you should do the things you “ought” to do – eat balanced, healthy meals, workout, etc and that 20% of the time you can do the “fun” stuff (the other stuff is fun too but admittedly it sometimes feels like work).

This is a great rule for people on maintenance – it keeps you focused, but allows room for living life – going out with friends, birthday cake, drinks, etc.  However, I am coming to believe that this is a stumbling block for more people than it helps.  At least it is a stumbling block for me.  I am going into tomorrow’s weigh in with the strong probability of seeing a gain on the scale.  It is not unexpected – I ate my weekly points too early in the week and found myself in the hole after the race festivities this weekend.  Added to that some exhaustion from a baby who has had sleeping issues over the last several weeks, let’s just say I find myself in the red.

And it is what it is.  As someone said at my WW meeting last week, “My new bad is not as bad as my old bad.”  The splurging I did was not nearly so over-the-top as it would have been in the past and I find myself with the presence of mind to track it, own it and move on.  I am not thrilled with some of my eating this week, it is true, but I am confident in my ability to stay on track next week.

But the slip ups of the week were what got me thinking of the 80/20 rule.  I started thinking about it as I did mental gymnastics about whether to track my food or not.  (In fact I just paused in this post to track tonight’s dinner which put me a bit more in the hole, but I tracked it).   As I pondered this I wondered what not tracking for 20% of the time might look like – I could eat a LOT of chocolate in that time.  I could do a lot of damage.

Or if I took it by 20% of meals – you know I would be hanging out at buffets making the most of those meals and eating way more food than I wanted or needed.  I would because I “could.”  And in following the rule I would convince myself that I was still doing ok.

That is precisely the reason that 80/20 doesn’t work for me.  I cannot give myself free time as it were.  I can have treats still, but they need to be tracked and accounted for.  It forces me to accommodate for my treats.  It forces me to make hard choices – do I want an ice cream bar after dinner or a roll with my soup?  (yes, that is a hard choice).

In many ways I led an 80/20 sort of week – I had 5.5 really good days this week and 1.5 bad overeating days, but the overeating ones cause more damage than the 5.5 good days can compensate for.  Despite my efforts at the 80%, I will see a gain tomorrow because of the 20%.  It doesn’t work for me and I think I figured out why.

The most important things in my life are not 80/20 things – I don’t get to parent only 80% of the time, or get 20% time off of my marriage.  My health is just as critical.  Parenting is a promise to care for and love my children.  Marriage is a promise to care for and love my spouse.  My healthiness journey is a promise to care for and love myself.

So I have to be all in.

And even on weeks where I didn’t make good choices, I can know that I still tracked, I still fought for it, and that tomorrow is a new day to keep on trying.  For me I have to commit 100% or it doesn’t work.

Are you all in?